Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lifes firsts

This week has been filled with "lifes firsts". I went to a Thai resturant for the first time with my youth ministers Matt, and Phill, and my best friend Jacob. The food was amazing, even though I acidently ate crab instead of chicken, oh well! Then Tuesday I went to a Indian Buffet, with the same was not good at all, I litterally ate grapes and this potato things :). Something I've learned is weather you have an good outcome or a not so good outcome, it's still fun, and part of life. I've also learned that the little moments in life are the ones who count the most. Just as my friends encouraged me to try new things, God is encouraging all of us to try new things aswell. The awesome part about God, is he knows exactly what we are going to think about our "firsts". I've done a lot of reflection on how i'm going to school soon, and i'm sure i'm going to have a lot of firsts, some positive some negative, some fun, some boring, some happy and some sad, but the most important things about them, is I will hopefully learn from them. The most amazing part about experiancing them is i will be doing with God. It's weird to think i'm going to have to go on little adventures without my friends, but God will always be strolling down the park with me testing me and encouraging me and that brings me great delight :) So that brings me to my next first, starting a blog, I've always wanted to start blogging, but never really started, my thought is, why not start now?! I'm going to go through some changes in life as I prepare to move 4 hours away from my home, so what a better way than to reflect on the days, and share my firsts with everyone who reads this!

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